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In the past, whenever it came time for a new set of tires I would post on various motorcycle forums, or ask people I know who ride what tire to get. I would also do research on the Internet.

Over the years I saw more and more motorcycle tire review sites, which was great, but made the motorcycle tire research process more time consuming. Given this, I decided to consolidate motorcycle tire reviews from these various sites into one site,

One of my favorite general review sites is They consolidate reviews from various sources, and that is the intent of this site, to consolidate motorcycle tire review information and to also provide recommendations on the best motorcycle tires based on the reviews.

If you know of other motorcycle tire reviews not listed here, or would like a particular tire represented, please e-mail I will do my best to add it.

The goal of this site is to provide you with concrete recommendations of the top motorcycle tires. This type of summary does not exist anywhere else on the web. While there are many motorcycle tire review sites, there is no one site that analyzes all the information to come up with overall recommendations. That is what this site does. If you prefer to draw your own conclusions, then you can read the individual motorcycle tire summaries. Each page includes a summary analysis of motorcycle reviews from multiple sites for one tire. So, you get a consensus from multiple sites on one page. If you know of other sources we should include please contact us.

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