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There are a number of tire tests that helped set the ranking, by Motorad and other sites. The more formal, comparative tests were given more weight in the ranking process than user reviews.

In some cases the same tire was reviewed in multiple tests, so this helped bridge the gap between tires being reviewed in one test but not another. Intermixed with these more formal tests are other tires that were not part of formal testing.

The Michelin Commander 3 Touring tire is fairly well rated.  Multiple riders reported issues with vibration from the tire.

The Dunlop Elite 4 have mixed reviews.  Some riders have used the tire multiple times.  Others complain of poor handling on metal grate bridges and poor wet handling.  All have said that the mileage is good, even on heavy bikes.  

The Pirelli Night Dragon is one of the top cruiser tires.  While the mileage is lower than some competitors, those who ride harder like the stick and handling.  Universally preferred over the stock Dunlop.  

The Dunlop American Elite is one of the top cruiser/Harley tires.  Mileage and stability is very good.  

The Metzeler Cruisetec is a well rated cruiser tire.  Tire warms up well and lasts a reasonably long time.

The Michelin Commander 2 is one of the highest rated cruiser tires. Many riders who have been riding for a while say this is the best tire they have used. Riders prefer the Commander 2 over the Avon Venoms. The Metzeler 880 is also one of the highest rated cruiser tires and multiple riders say the Commander 2 matches up very well.

Consistently good reviews for this tire. Tire is smooth, quiet, soft ride, does not follow road grooves. Big improvement over Dunlop Harley Davidson OEM tires. Works well for larger bikes like Harley Davidson and Honda Goldwing. Another reports handling better than Dunlop 402’s.

The Metzeler ME 888 is rated similarly to the ME 880 it replaces.  Generally positive reviews as a cruiser tire.  Better than stock Harley Davidson Dunlop tires.  Consistent complaints that wet handling is not the best.

The Shinko 777 gets mixed reviews. The tire seems to handle well, but at a lower tread life as compared to other tires like the Dunlop 404. As compared to stock Bridgestones the Shinko 777 is rated better. Many praise the price, some saying the tires cost half of the competition. A number of riders said it took some work to get the tire balanced, while others did not report this problem.

Generally positive reviews of the Dunlop D402. Tire life and overall stability is praised. Many of the reviewers seem to have tire life as a priority, and that is the main reason they chose the Dunlop D402. So if you are looking for a longer-lasting tire the Dunlop D402 might be one to try. There was one report of the sidewall splitting.

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