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There are a number of tire tests that helped set the ranking, by Motorad and other sites. The more formal, comparative tests were given more weight in the ranking process than user reviews.

In some cases the same tire was reviewed in multiple tests, so this helped bridge the gap between tires being reviewed in one test but not another. Intermixed with these more formal tests are other tires that were not part of formal testing.

The Continental ContiAttack SM is specifically designed for supermoto riding. The tire provides strong grip at the expense of tire life, so if grip is the priority then this tire is worth trying. A number of riders prefer the ContiAttack SM over the Michelin Pilot Powers. Avon Distanzia tire was preferred over the ContiAttack SM.

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT is a tire that a number of people have switched to. Like it on the track and street. Excellent feedback, quick warm up, stick in cold, last a long time, stable.

The Dunlop Q3 plus Sportmax is a mixed street and track tire. Some reports of cold weather handling issues, but otherwise people like the tire.  

The Michelin Road 5 is generally a highly rated tire.  Wet handling is particularly praised.  Some feel the tire life is not as good as competitors.  

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 is a highly rated track day tire. It is also a capable street tire. Most reviews prefer the 3 to the 2.  Handling is quick and the bike is flickable. Tires warm up quickly.  Some reports of losing grip.  

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