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There are a number of tire tests that helped set the ranking, by Motorad and other sites. The more formal, comparative tests were given more weight in the ranking process than user reviews.

In some cases the same tire was reviewed in multiple tests, so this helped bridge the gap between tires being reviewed in one test but not another. Intermixed with these more formal tests are other tires that were not part of formal testing.

The Michelin Anakee 3 is consistently highly rated. All that have ridden it are surprised at the grip and performance because the tire doesn’t look like a typical off-road tire. Consensus is that Anakee 3 is better than the Anakee 2.

The Metzeler Tourance front tire was rated higher than the rear tire. Overall people like the handling and grip. The Metzeler Tourance provides a very controlled feeling and sticks well to the road. The control comes at the expense of mileage for some. There were pretty consistent complaints that mileage was lower than expected.

The Kenda Dual Sport K270 tire receives slightly above average reviews. The tire was rated below average on the Thumpertalk site. Some of the comments include: front was squirmy, losing every other knob after 300 highway miles, on the street were loud and squirmy. Other sites were more positive. Works well in hard pack, long lasting, good price, easy to install. One rider likes the Kenda Dual Sport K270 over the Pirelli Rallycross-felt more confident with the Kenda.

The Shinko 705 provides better mileage as compared to other tires at a reasonable price. Consistent reports of solid handling, grip and quiet ride. Handles the dirt better than one might expect for a dual sport tire, has a deep void that helps dig through hard pack dirt and gravel. One rider feels the Shinko 705 has better handling overall compared to the Metzeler Tourance and costs less. Some complaints of tread separation or losing lugs.

The Kenda Trakmaster II K760 gets fairly high marks in the sand, eventhough it is not a purpose-built sand tire. Overall the Kenda K760 receives mixed reviews. Some like it in the soft stuff, while others say it excels in the hard. Fairly consistent reviews saying not the best on the road. The front tire is rated higher than the rear.

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